Wade.academy is our professional development platform containing awesome online learning and development programs. Featuring programs like Promotion Payrise and Skhit.

Promotion Payrise

Promotion Payrise is an online personal development program with over 40 modules of strategies, tips, attitudes to help you triple your salary and get promoted twice in 18 months. Led by Tim Wade who did exactly that in his corporate career, he's teaching others how to do it through specific module drawn from his years of delivering his Management Development Program in organisations around the world, so they add even more value to their manager and the organisation.


The series of Skhit programs are 50 Skills-based High Intensity Training modules designed for corporate intranet and Learning Management Systems. These modules contain great tips and content to improve essential soft skills in sales, confidence, presentations, pitching, overcoming obstacles, and increasing productivity. They are couple training information with hilarious sketch comedy snippets involving superheroes, villains, puppets and a gangster named Cyril Sharp-Knife which presents the training concepts in an innovative and extremely entertaining way.

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