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Hilton Garden Inn



Hilton Garden Inn has launched in Singapore, and just before they did, all the staff got together for a team member rally in an afternoon of exciting speeches, inspiration, good food and fun activities- All at Hilton’s new hotel in Serangoon, a culturally rich part of Singapore.

General Manager, Carry Osbourne, and Regional General Manager Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, Peter Webster, hired Wade Global to join them as they kicked off this awesome event.

W.g Studios director, Adam, was brought in to create/shoot mini narrative films with each team to exemplify what “Brighthearted” means to them, Hilton’s new 1-word campaign devoted to “Serving, Smiling, Learning and Brightening.”


The staff were incredible and literally jumped in to action. We had a very tight schedule, but each team member did their part to bring these mini movies to life.

So here we present you with the six edited final products (we crunched a couple of the departments together in order to make it happen in a day’s time).

Teams from Security, Front Office, Engineering, Finance, Business Development, F&B, Kitchen and Housekeeping all worked together, creatively planning their short skits before they met with Adam to quickly produce and shoot them theatrically.

But first, watch this engaging video we created to showcase the day’s events: