We're all about positive change. We teach it, we influence it with our keynotes, video and media work, and we use our resources to help impact positive change for those less fortunate around the world through Wade-Foundation.org. We align our giving to the 17 UN Global Development Goals to help the UN achieve its targets. Because it's been recognised that those targets will only be met by business giving, not solely by government intervention. And we believe that as a business creating value for our clients, we have a human duty to also help those less fortunate than us. That's why we're a life member of B1G1, a global giving movement who help businesses like ours make an amazing impact by ensuring 100% of our giving reaches the projects on the ground in the communities where the need is real and immediate.

And measurable and accountable. That's what makes B1G1 unique. Only projects that meet their rigorous standards will be made available to us. So we have the confidence that our money goes to legitimate, well-run social enterprises and the need is really met.

So each time Tim Wade completes a speaking or training event or Adam completes a corporate video project, or when someone buys one of Tim's books, or anyone at Wade.global delivers value for our clients, we choose to make an additional positive difference to others somewhere in the world. We're aiming to impact 10 million lives by 2030.

Now THAT'S a goal that creates global change! Visit our Wade-Foundation.org website and learn more about what we doing, where, and why. And how it's creating positive change.

We're Wade.global, we're a change agency, and we believe in doing what we say and living what we teach. Let's connect and make a greater impact for your business and the world!